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Author: Darlene Modelo Regis

“I'm an endangered species. A rare commodity. Survivor from an extinct tribe. Restless. Risk-taker. Intrepid. Night Owl. Nomad. I eat tensions and deadlines for breakfast. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.” “Darling,” as everyone fondly calls her, Darlene Regis, is a journalist, teacher, artist, and event organizer. Her years of experience at various companies, media firms, schools, among others, catapulted her into the event management and journalism careers. She graduated with a Major in English degree and pursued post-graduate studies in Language and Literacy Development. She then climbed up the corporate ladder as an editor and writer for magazines, newspapers, and websites. Consequently, she has been appointed as an instructor in training centres where she shares her stock knowledge on working professionals. Some of her awards and achievements include: Editor in Chief of the Year, Qualifier for National Schools Press Conference, Champion Feature Writer DSPC, Feature Writer of the Year, YMCA Leader, University President of Student Council, Liberal Arts President, Artium Baccalaureus President, English Club President, Chairperson of COMELEC, among others. A true-blue Leyteñan from Tacloban, Philippines, Darlene has itchy feet for travel. Having worked with the corporate world, fashion-retail division, mainstream media, educational institution, hospitality industry, fashion department, and advertising firm, she gained understanding on the crucial elements in having a proactive team of artists, designers, photographers, trendsetters, and tech-savvies, who work closely together in a fast-paced, multitasking environment — wherein beating the deadline and achieving top-tier results — are utmost priorities. At present, Darlene is managing the communication operations of Doha Clubs Event Management & Services as well as the Doha Events Blog posts. Get in touch with her at

Sarah G “This 15 Me” Live Concert in Doha: Unstoppable!

The much-talked-about Sarah Geronimo Live Concert in Qatar, that is taking rounds in Social Media, is now all but confirmed and unstoppable. A production of Viva Live, Inc. – Hesser Entertainment and DC Event Management proudly present – Sarah G “This 15 Me” Live Concert in Doha. Unstoppable Is she really coming? When? Where? You’ve […]

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Surprises await you today at Three Peppers Restaurant’s 10th Anniversary

Ni hao! 🤗 “To the Ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven.” – Ancient Chinese proverb The THREE PEPPERS RESTAURANT is cooking something special in its kitchen for you as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary starting October 18 to 24. 🍜 Haven’t you eaten your lunch yet? Wanna please your insatiable appetite for […]

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Fujifilm offers exciting deals, treats you to a World Master’s Photography Workshop

FUJIFILM, the leading provider of innovative products and effective solutions in imaging and photography industries, brings you great offers as the World Master Photographer Erich Caparas visits Qatar for a world-class photography workshop. Come October 5 and this Washington DC, New York-based camera virtuoso, will visit Doha for his first-ever workshop, to be held at […]

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Ramadan Terms You Might Not Know

Ramadan 2018: Word List A quick guide for non-Muslim expats living in Qatar and across the globe JUST like many expats in Qatar and other Islamic countries, you may be unfamiliar with the commonly used terms during Ramadan. Here’s a list of words often mentioned by Muslims throughout this month-long religious observance. Read on and […]

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