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Sarah G “This 15 Me” Live Concert in Doha: Unstoppable!

The much-talked-about Sarah Geronimo Live Concert in Qatar, that is taking rounds in Social Media, is now all but confirmed and unstoppable.

A production of Viva Live, Inc. Hesser Entertainment and DC Event Management proudly present Sarah G “This 15 Me” Live Concert in Doha.


Is she really coming? When? Where?

You’ve been hung up over her since she was rumored to return to Doha for her comeback concert.

You’ve just been ogling the Filipino singer-actress at your TFC Channel and the only way you could duet with her is through a playback of her YouTube music videos.

How about we say it’s time you get reunited with Pop Superstar Sarah Geronimo as she heads to Qatar soon for her unstoppable show?

Yep, the ‘Sold-out Queen,’ once hailed as the Philippine’s Most Beautiful Star,” is coming for a one-night-only concert. Are you excited to see her live?

Extraordinary January

The Filipina pop icon is set to rock Qatar’s arena for an extraordinary January stage performance.

Joining Sarah G in what’s being billed as ‘the biggest Filipino concert of the season’ are Kapamilya heartthrob Xian Lim, balladeer Mark Bautista, and the G-Force Dancers.

It’s happening on January 25, 2019 (you’ve still got full 3 months to snag tickets to this event) at the Aspire Women’s Stadium.

So Popsters, don’t miss this blockbuster night of music and dance!

Event details will be posted the soonest.

The Organizers

This banger event is under the production of VIVA LIVE, INC. It is mainly produced by the HESSER ENTERTAINMENT and co-produced by the DOHA CLUBS EVENT MANAGEMENT & SERVICES.

With over 30 years of success, VIVA LIVE, INC., houses the Philippines’s best and the brightest in the music industry, with a wide array of talents for concerts, live entertainment, and variety shows.


HESSER ENTERTAINMENT is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based company that presents and promotes events worldwide such as live concerts and sporting events for groundbreaking independent artists, athletes, and teams in 1,000 to 20,000 capacity venues.

The company has presented and promoted over 100 events on every continent and has partnered with broadcast titans of the industry such as Fox Sports in Asia, NBC in the USA, and CCTV in China.

Steering businesses into new heights and bringing events a notch higher, DOHA CLUBS EVENT MANAGEMENT & SERVICES, is a game-changer in the emerging event management market in Qatar.

Since 2010, it has been a powerhouse of world-class talents including international supermodels, fashion designers, artists, among others. In fact, it has recently organized a Photography Workshop of the multi-awarded World Master Photographer Erich Caparas.

Tickets and Schedules

Whilst we receive inquiries on tickets and other event details – non-stop, we do not want to leave you hanging. But, confirmed information will be released ASAP.

Can’t wait? Sneak a peek at what to expect from the event we’ll be posting soon.

Stay in the loop for more updates.


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