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Surprises await you today at Three Peppers Restaurant’s 10th Anniversary

Ni hao! 🤗

“To the Ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven.” – Ancient Chinese proverb

The THREE PEPPERS RESTAURANT is cooking something special in its kitchen for you as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary starting October 18 to 24. 🍜

Haven’t you eaten your lunch yet? Wanna please your insatiable appetite for something ‘really tasty’ that won’t strip your wallet bare? Sorted! Dinner is served!

If you’re confused where to go for a very delicious meal today, look no further than the Three Peppers Restaurant! — the first choice of the most discerning palates!

Anniversary Treats

Today is the best day to treat your loved loves and friends as the restaurant offers great deals for its week-long anniversary promo. Yes, 7 days of good food and fun await you here.

Order a minimum of 100 QAR worth of dishes and you’re entitled to a lucky pick from the “Lucky Box.” Pick a number with a corresponding meal that you get to enjoy for dine in or for take away.

Then and Now

How did the restaurant start and why it lasted for a decade?

Serving authentic Chinese cuisine, since its inception in 2008, this isn’t your typical restaurant. It’s a go-to dining place of locals and internationals alike.

It’s been 10 long years now that this healthy and yummy pit stop, with a homey atmosphere, gives you a sure-fire way to tick off your resto bucket list with a delectable kick.

The restaurant first opened to the public in 2008 and had its grand launching a year after.

From the name itself, it’s a home of heirloom specialties spiced up by fresh-picked peppers. Yes, its business name was hatched from the idea of getting it from not just one, not even two, but three different kinds of peppers — as it’s known for its chili-dipped servings.

It satisfies cravings that the grumpiest tummy and hungriest foodie would thank for!

According to the restaurant owner, this business hasn’t been opened as planned.

“It was when I was looking for a perfect location in Qatar to set up my boutique, then I noticed eating places sprout like mushrooms in the area, that made me wonder, why not open my own restaurant?” she recalled.

Albeit she’s a neophyte in the business, she gambled on the culinary industry, studied in this field, to keep her restaurant business booming.

Smorgasbord of Sumptuous Cuisine

Satiate your taste buds with a smorgasbord of sumptuous dishes served in à la carte and cooked into perfection by top-notch chefs from the “Land of the Red Dragon.”

But, no, not all food in this restaurant is spicy. And, not everything is exclusively for Chinese diners. In fact, most of their customers are Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Asians, among others. This is why it’s touted as a famous dining hub for expats.

Healthy Meets Yummy

Three Peppers Restaurant is one of the most sought-after dining places in Doha because healthy food is all that matters to them.

All dishes are served with the finest ingredients. Enjoy the fresh catch of the day here that even if it gets cold, it’s still undeniably appetizing!

What’s Inside the Menu?

Among its best-sellers are Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried Noodles, Spring Rolls, Dumplings, Siopao, aand Siomai.

Jumpstart your day with a scrumptious American-style breakfast in Matarqadeem branch.

For the main course, a great array of lamb, chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetables are freshly prepared for you. Also dine from a huge selection of staple food, snacks, cold dishes, and desserts. Then, quench your thirst with some refreshing drinks.

Feast your senses with the “Hot Pot” serving which gives you several options of ingredients to choose from.

Pick from a variety of noodles, coriander or Chinese parsley, Chinese cabbage, sliced potato, white radish, pickled cabbage, lotus root, and black fungus.

You may also choose from fresh, dried, or frozen tofu. For the mushroom, it can be fresh, needle, or white beech.

Top it off with a lettuce, kelp, or spinach.

The ingredient choices cost from 10-40 QRs.

Oasis for Foodies

Once you step inside the premises of the restaurant, the fresh environment welcomes you.

Surrounded by organic ornaments, this place gives you the comfort and relaxation that you need while enjoying your lunch.

Whilst gorging on your favorite Chinese food, you can feel that you’re in an oasis of hundreds of colorful flowers perfectly set as your background.

Price that’s Right

Yummy food that won’t break the bank – this is what this restaurant is known for. Here, your tummy is full and your wallet won’t be empty.

You can even treat up to 10 people with 8 to 10 dishes for only 800 QRs. Not only the food sounds good to your budget, but also the drinks like fresh juices valued at 10 QRs and softdrinks at 3 QRs.

Hospitality at its Finest

Apart from the inviting atmosphere, a warm welcome from the smiling staff greets you as you enter the restaurant’s corridor.

All of the crew members are trained to give you the highest standard of hospitality.

How to Get There

Three Peppers Restaurant is nestled in Muntazah (opposite of Muntazah Plaza Hotel) and Matar Qadeem (opposite of Old Airport). Visit both branches and go home with a happy stomach.

One Call Away

The restaurant is open every Sunday to Monday at 11am-11pm and on Tuesdays to Saturdays at 11am to 1am. It is also accepting orders for delivery from its 2 brances, Talabat and Zomato. And, the upper level is open for bookings for any occasions.

For your orders and inquiries, contact 6649-2626 (WhatsApp/Home Delivery Hotline), 6643-2828 (Order/Take-away) o 4493-5995 (Landline).

Wait No More

Surprises await you today, October 18, — their 10th anniversary celebration—a decade of serving fresh and mouth-watering dishes on the table.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your family and friends, then head to the 2 branches and enjoy the irresistible Chinese food that will keep you coming back for more!

At THREE PEPPERS RESTAURANT, your satisfaction is their constant pursuit.

Xie xie! Burp! 🤭

Check the below menu for your visit today or on your next food trip. Enjoy! 🙂

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